Are You Looking For Someone That Can Help You Start Your Business?

Are you struggling to get customers, which is the lifeblood of your business?

Running A Business Isn’t Easy
It requires persistence, determination, and knowledge. 

There’s only one way you can skip this period of constantly not knowing what’s the best thing to do, where you can find what you’re looking for, and how good your business is actually doing.

You Need A Good Coach
By working with someone that has already been through the rough parts of running a business, you’ll instantly have access to information that will make everything much easier for you.
With my help, you won’t have to spend countless hours looking for that information.
We’re confident in our abilities to provide you with quick, actionable, and efficient solutions!


Our Mission

To provide you with the tools, resources and expertise that will help you to establish a successful business. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing you with services that will take your business ideas to the next level.

Working with our clients is a collaborative relationship.

You Have Our Full Attention.



Here’s why our clients trust and rely on us for their business needs. When our clients succeed, so do we. We’re glad to share with you some of the things they’ve said about working with us.


Kind words from our clients…

My Story

My name is Veronica Preston, I am the Founder of Bright Visions, LLC. A business coaching, consulting, and digital marketing service-based business designed to help other aspiring entrepreneurs to start, grow and sustain a thriving business. I am here to serve everyone, but my ideal clients are Professional Single Moms. As a Single Mompreneur, I am familiar with the challenges that comes with raising your children while trying to bring your dream of business ownership to fruition. This is my passion and the reason Bright Visions was birthed.
As an employee working with other private sectors, I was blessed with the opportunity to strategically grow their businesses substantially 6 figures within the first year. I would oversee day to day operations, develop programs, marketing, sales, win contracts, bookkeeping, etc. During that time, I was able to build my skill sets and realized what my talents were. So, here I am sharing what I have learned along the way and helping others to see their Vision become a reality.

Procrastination Is Never A Good Idea
Another important aspect of running a successful business is Speed.

Things move fast in the business world, and you never want to be the last one to catch up. Thinking something through has its benefits, but we suggest making a decision TODAY!

Featured Services
We are Passionate about Delivering Results

Business Coaching that will take you through the following process of setting up your business:
Phase 1: Personal Inventory-uncover the person you are before starting your business
Phase 2: Product-uncover product/services that you want to sell
Phase 3: Pricing-how much you want to charge in order to become profitable
Phase 4: Process-discover the most effective processes for running your business
Phase 5: Promotion-discover ways to market your business (Approximately 8-10 60 minute sessions)

  • Snapshot Report of Your Business Online
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Advertisement
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Improve Google Search Engine Ranking
  • & Much more…..  


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