Super Moms: Thriving in Business

Running your own business is no walk in the park. But to do so with kids to look after and the home to manage, might seem like a mountain too tall to climb. Doesn’t it?

Both the professions of a home maker and entrepreneur come loaded with challenges and tough situations, but their rewards are equally satisfying. Likewise, mothers and businesswomen share defining characteristics that enable them to succeed in both arenas.


A mother’s job can get overwhelming at times, but they always power through by focusing on what is important to them – their children.

Managing a personal business also has its fair share of tough days. Yet, an entrepreneur remains resilient in the face of minor setbacks with one aspect keeping them ever-so-motivated: their goal.


A mom plays multiple roles simultaneously: teacher, chef, conflict-solver, and so on. Similarly, an entrepreneur has to deal with diverse challenges such as marketing and supply-chain.

As a business mom, the two wide sets of skills are combined to result in an individual who knows how to deal with any and all tricky situations!


Every new business is on a tight budget and who best to manage finances smoothly? Mothers!

Mothers coordinate recurring expenses like utility bills, and school fees while also saving up for their kids’ futures and rainy days. A business’s expenditure follows the same trends.


With children, every minute you have to be prepared for the unexpected. Likewise, a business owner has to be spontaneous by coming up with solutions to unforeseen circumstances. Moms are talented enough to do both.


Mothers know their children so well; they understand even those problems their kids cannot express. Similarly, an entrepreneur needs to be equipped effective communication skills to collaborate with their team.

Time Management

Both jobs can be so heavily demanding that one may interfere with the other. The best way to keep them apart is to dedicate fixed schedules for both. Work in the office and enjoy time with family at home!

Super Moms

Balancing your business with the kids does mean twice the pressure, but it also means double the fun. The qualities of a mom are also those an entrepreneur boasts.

Excel in both forms – be a super woman!

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